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12.09 +0.01 (+0.08%)
Last Trade: 12.09
Trade Time: 4:06pm
Change: +0.01
Perc Change: +0.08%
Prev Close: 12.08
Open: 12.00
Ask: 11.79
Day's Range: 11.81 - 12.12
52wk Range: 7.52 - 15.15
Volume: 1598732
Avg Vol: 2655700
Market Cap: 1.02B
P/E (ttm): 24.18
PES (ttm): 0.50

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TSL has been added to our high list, our specialist have done extensive due diligence to achieve a detailed report using Technical and logical analysis on TSL. We have been aggressively monitoring TSL's press releases, executive performance, financial reports and SEC filings. Find Out EVERYTHING we have discovered about TSL FREE by signing up below!

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